Information creates trust, silence stokes fears.

In time of crisis we want our employees to feel confident and self-assured in their actions to be able to really assist the involved partners and authorities and not pose an additional burden.

Regular trainings and information briefings are essential to achieve this goal.

All training and security briefings are delivered in the native language of the work force and in English to ensure thorough and full comprehension.

RRI’s main focus in its education offers is to train staff in health services, project and operational management, the creation of written reports and proposals, the construction and rehabilitation of shelters as well as trainings related to allocation of donations.

RRI hires its employees based on strict safety regulations.

Armed personnel will not be deployed, unless it is strongly desired and deemed as necessary by all contracting partners.

We inform our employees about the conditions and progress on site, the general and political circumstances as well as significant events that happen on the field.

We firmly believe, that it is our moral obligation, to allow our local employees to make informed decision at all times.

This is the base of trustful collaboration and a dedicated and loyal staff-team.