RRI’s engagement in ‘’WASH’’ projects is extensive and diverse.

Fundamental goals are:

  • Population groups affected by emergency situations should have timely and adequate access to a sufficient amount of clean water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene.
  • People affected by emergency situations should have access to culturally appropriate and gender-sensitive facilities and services that enable dignified hygiene behavior.
  • Everyone should have ample access to hygiene products and get a broad understanding of hygiene behavior through hygiene trainings and hygiene promotion measures.

A functioning clean water infrastructure is missing especially in the camps for internally displaced people (IDP).The water/hygiene projects of RRI are spread out over many parts of Iraq reaching hundreds of thousands of IDPs.

UN, OCHA, UNICEF and the German Department of Foreign Affairs, which provided additional support in the ‘’Mossoul Response’’, were our sponsoring partners in these projects.

Our largest WASH-project last year was the WASH emergency care for IDP camps in Anbar and Baghdad.

WASH activities include the construction of water networks and the installation of RO (Reverse Osmosis) units. Until the construction of a functioning infrastructure is completed, people are temporarily provided with water by water tanker trucks.