Distribution of “dignity kits”

Humanitarian crises are particularly hard for women and girls in terms of health and hygiene.

Under harsh circumstances they are faced with major problems, especially, during menstruation. By distributing so-called “dignity kits” in Anbar, we have helped hundreds of women and girls maintain their dignity. The kits consist of sanitary napkins, underwear, soap, toothpaste etc., allowing Iraqi women to maintain their self-respect even under difficult living conditions.

Before compiling the dignity kits, RRI consults men, women and children to ensure that all urgently needed items are available in the kit.

Other than the mentioned menstruation items and personal hygiene products the kits also consists of bottled drinking water and laundry detergent.

When compiling the kits, RRI employees always ensure that:

  • Priority needs are covered first

If priority needs are not covered people often resell the distributed kits
to use the proceeds and buy the urgently needed products

  • The items in the kit match the cultural customs and conditions.

Otherwise the kits may be misused or rejected, due to lack of knowledge and familiarity.