Monitoring and evaluation guidelines

Monitoring and evaluation are integral parts of the project management cycle. Stakeholder satisfaction, timely delivery and staying within budget indicate successful projects. Monitoring and evaluation are effective tools for enriching the quality of interventions through their role in decision-making and project development.

Monitoring and Evaluation Guidlines

Procurement Guidelines

RRI has set up suitable regulations for procuring goods and services. The purpose of these guidelines is to outline the procurement rules used for involved contractors and for the procurement of goods within rehabilitation projects.

Procurement guidelines

Data confidentiality guidelines

Confidentiality of personal data is extremely important for trust and must be respected and applied at all stages of data collection and data processing. Therefore RRI has developed Confidentiality Guidelines as to data privacy.

Data confidential guidelines

Security guidelines

The RRI Security Guidelines should be seen as the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the RRI Country Security Plan. Whereas the SOPs are obligatory, the Guidelines may not be. They act as a guide in various situations and can be used as a checklist.

Safety guidelines

Employment guidelines

The purpose of this document is to outline the principles of the recruitment process and the regulations concerning employment of RIRP staff. The implementation of these guidelines helps to increase efficiency in all human resource related management actions.

Employment guidelines

Child protection policy

As a particularly vulnerable group, children are suffering worldwide from sexual violence, abuse and are affected by abuse and exploitation. They are in urgent need of protection and assistance and this is one of RRI’s main goals to assist in reinforcing the rights of children, to improve their development opportunities and to protect them from potential dangers.

Child protection policy

Investigation Guidelines

In our position as a humanitarian aid organization it is our obligation to promote accountability and integrity. These guidelines present how misconduct and wrongdoing of our employees and partners can be detected and how an appropriate response looks like. The guidelines are based on the Investigation Guidelines established by the Inspector General’s Office Investigation Service (IGO) of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Investigation Guidelines