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Evaluation and Monitoring as Key Success Factors

Monitoring and project management are essential to bring projects to a successful conclusion

Project Implementation

All activities and projects are implemented by RRI and their own employees

Searching and Managing Talents

RRI has long-term experience and an excellent reputation in training and coaching work seekers.


Rebuild and Relief International NGO (RRI) commenced activities in early 2004 under the designation Rebuild Iraq Recruitment Program (RIRP) in Baghdad, Iraq. Since this date RIRP has provided humanitarian assistance and support for those Iraqis in need and utilised RIRP’s core values and committed methodology to achieve our objectives.

Our Mission is to Protect, Accompany, Advocate and Serve for the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people in Iraq and Syria.


RRI shall promote and protect the rights of all Iraqi and Syrian people, regardless of their race, religion, nationality or political convictions. This will be achieved by acting as an independent and courageous spokesman for their rights nationally and internationally, by providing humanitarian assistance in emergency situations, and by strengthening the capacity of the UN organizations to offer and coordinate international aid and protection. RRI shall in all ways seek to provide viable, durable solutions with regard to both its spokesman activities and its emergency relief efforts.

With the onset of the Syrian crisis, RIRP has also engaged in supporting Syrian refugees fleeing into Iraq, the massive impact caused by and the longevity of the crisis resulted in changing the organisations structure during 2012. Rebuild and Relief International NGO became the governing body of the organisation with RIRP being the Iraq related country program and RSRP (Rebuild Syria Reconstruction Program) tasked with reconstruction and humanitarian efforts within Syria.

RRI’s operating ethos is based on the principles of loyalty, credibility, thoroughness and accuracy.
The RIRP team has significant knowledge and experience gained from operating in diverse and challenging situations in Iraq. This experience is the core platform on which successful project delivery is built.
RRI is confident of project delivery based on:

  • Our extensive experience gained during successful completion of reconstruction, multiple human resources and training projects throughout Iraq
  • RRI being a German organisation, with senior management based in Baghdad, able to make executive decisions rapidly and put them into effect without the need to consult a higher office
  • Our strong German independent position that allows us to invest in the right people to provide an excellent service
  • RIRP being a specialised provider of highly qualified local Iraqi staff
  • RIRP providing Iraq wide Evaluation and Monitoring projects with a mixture of high level International and Iraqi staff


Trust is of paramount importance for actors involved in the humanitarian aid sector and complete transparency is a key factor in building and maintaining that trust. Therefore, transparency in regards to our work and projects, political viewpoint and use of donated funds is extremely important in maintaining that trustworthy position. RRI NGO discloses the objectives of our organization, origin of funding, use of those funds and the decision making process behind it. We provide you with information in accordance with the 10-point plan elaborated by Transparency International Deutschland e.V.

News and More

Extensive Distribution of Food and Non-Food Items for IDPs in Al Anbar

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Wells for Al Anbar

  Providing a sustainable water supply for 200,000 Iraqi Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) with German assistance. During 2016 over 3.2 million IDP’s have been registered inside Iraq. Approximately 10 million people, one third ... more

Progress Report, January 2016

  Installation of temporary shelters in Kerbala One of our current projects in Iraq is the provision and installation of 406 sustainable prefabricated shelter units in Kerbala Governorate in cooperation with Un-Habitat. The project started in  ... more

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