Report of Misconduct and Wrongdoing

Please use this fomular, if you want to report a misconduct or a wrongdoing related to the work of Rebuild and Relief International NGO.

Investigations will be conducted on the following allegations:

• Procurement fraudulent
• Corruption and bribery
• Theft and embezzlement
• Entitlements fraud
• Misuse of RRI-NGO resources
• Misrepresentation
• Failure to comply with financial disclosure requirements
• Improper recruitment
• Retaliation against whistle-blowers
• Sexual rexploitation and sexual abuse
• Assault and threat
• Workplace harassment
• Abuse of authority
• Failure to comply with local law/abuse of privileges and immunities
• Any misconduct, such as wilful, reckless o grossly negligent disregard of RRI-NGO regulations, rules and administrative instructions

You can leave your name and contact details, or if you prefer, stay anonymous. In any case the Investigation Office will handle your data in a highly confidential manner.

You find detail information about the Investigation Process in the RRI Investigation Guidelines and Policy on the Diclosure of Information.

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