The primary task of RRI is the implementation and monitoring of projects. In doing so, we rely on a large network of Iraqi employees across the country who have the most diverse skills – from engineers to managers.

Our local staff is supported by international RRI-employees, which makes it possible to work on the projects independently.

Our highly qualified international management teams have extensive knowledge of the local situation and conditions as well as the necessary flexibility, which enables them to realize projects efficiently and effectively. This allows us to implement extensive reconstruction projects.

Previous projects:

  • Support of housing construction, reconstruction of community facilities and local shops
  • Structural and functional rehabilitation of hospitals, health centers, schools, aqueducts, sanitation systems and other social and cultural structures.

The core of long-term development is an efficient and functional infrastructure. RRI works with decision making individuals and committees to respond to people’s needs.

To ensure sustainability of actions RRI supports local partners and involves them in project-planning and in the development of new strategies.

As part of economic development projects RRI helps to develop business models, trains workers and creates jobs.