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Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Bernzen

Date and place of birth: 19 August 1962 in Neuss, Germany
1984 – 1990 Studied law at the University of Hamburg, completing the 1st State Law Exam in August 1990.
1989 – 2010 Member of the expert committee „Law and Organization“ within a working group of the youth welfare (AGJ). During 1994 -1997 and since 2001 was appointed chairman of the committee.
1989 – 1992 and
1995 – 2003
A member of the Central Committee of German Catholics. During 1995 – 2003 serving as Vice President.
1991 – 1997 Continuous member of the delegation of authority for schools youth and training in in Hamburg.
1991 – 1994 Law Clerk in Hamburg
1992 – 1993 Lecturer of law at the University of Rostock
03/11/1993 Presented with Doctorate of Law by the Department of Legal Science within Hamburg University.
13/10/1994 Final State Law Exam
From 1994 Practising lawyer in Hamburg
1998 – 2000 Member of the Enquete Commission of Inquiry „Youth Crime“ in Hamburg
1999 – 2002 Guest professorships at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences „children youth and welfare law“ in Berlin.
1999 – 2000 Member of the Commission „Common Security and Future of the Bundeswehr“ also known as the „Weizsäcker Commission“
30/12/1999 Admitted to the Bar at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Hamburg
From 2001 Member of the Board of Trustees for the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ASF)
2003 – 2006 Guest Professorships at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in northern Germany
Since April 2004 Member of the Lawyer’s Court in Hamburg
Since 2005 Professor of legal queries within the field of social work at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Berlin
Since 2007 Treasurer to the SPD state organization in Hamburg
Since 2009 Director of „BERNZEN SONNTAG Rechtsanwälte“
Since 2009 Member of the board of „St. Raphael Caritas Alten-und Behindertenhilfe GmbH“ in Mayen
Since 2012 Member and Vice-Chairman of the supervisory board for „PFLEGEN & WOHNEN HAMBURG GmbH“, since 2014 Chairman
Since 2013 Member and Chaiman of the Supervisory Board of „Rebuild and Relief International gemeinnützige GmbH“